Page 3 - 3D Metal Printing Winter 2019
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  We Sell Really Big 3D Metal Printers and Parts.
But TRUST Is The Biggest Thing We Sell.
Sciaky’s EBAM® technology is the only large-scale metal 3D printing process with approved parts in 4 dimensions:
                  Titanium Ballast Tank For Submarine 21 x21
For over a decade, the most advanced manufacturing companies in the world have relied on Sciaky’s
• IRISS® Patented real-time Adaptive Closed-Loop Control ensures process repeatability
• Metal Deposition rates 25+ lbs./hr • Fully Dense Parts • Clean and Pure Vacuum Environment
  Automotive Exhaust Tooling Die 18”x8”x5”
Titanium Propulsion Tank For Space Satellite System 46”x95”- Photo Courtesy of Lockheed Martin
         EBAM metal 3D printing technology for one reason: we deliver results you can trust.
 Sciaky is the world leader in large scale metal 3D printing solutions. Get the full story at
                                4915 West 67th Street Chicago, Illinois 60638 • 877-450-2518 • EBAM®

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