ERP Deployment: Choice is the New Cloud

February 6, 2017


No single ERP deployment method is right for every manufacturer.  Your business may have strategies and needs that are not well matched to a traditional on-premises deployment or a strictly defined software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment.  The right answer often lies between these two options.  The best answer is having a broad choice of deployment options and being able to pick the solution that is best for your business.

For context, here are high-level definitions of the major deployment options:

  • On-premises: Perpetually licensed, traditional software, deployed on the native hardware and network of the business.
  • Hosted: Perpetually licensed, traditional software, deployed in a third-party datacenter
  • Managed Cloud: Traditional software licensed on a subscription basis, deployed in a virtual environment in a datacenter, with managed services
  • SaaS: Software, which is licensed to multiple tenants on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted and managed by the SaaS provider.

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