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January 2018

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
3D Metal Printing - Monthly Newsletter
3D Metal Printing - Monthly Newsletter
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Cambridge University's 3D Printing Society
Commits to Creating U.K. Network

The student-run University of Cambridge 3D Printing Society (CU3DSoc), Cambridge, England, has big plans. Launched in 2016 and comprised of 30 engineering undergrads with access to several Stratasys printers, the organization intends to create greater awareness for the potential of 3D printing as it seeks to include arts, architecture and medical students as CU3DSoc members in 2018. It also is working with 3D-printing societies at the University of Oxford and Huddersfield University to create a national network of 3D resources.

"Additive manufacturing and companies like Stratasys will continue to play a larger role in advancing multiple industries," says James Roberts, who was a first-year undergraduate student when he cofounded the society. "We want the next generation of engineers to be prepared, to have knowledge of additive manufacturing and to be able to confront the problems of the modern global workforce head on."

Industry News
GE Increases Arcam Stake
Desktop Metal Begins Shipping
Arcam EBM Announces Expansion Plans
Youngstown Business Incubator Adds Additive Manufacturing Building
You Ought to Know
Top 5 3D-Printed Items in 2017
2017 was the year that additive manufacturing "took a series of big steps out of the realm of niche prototyping and into the world of mass manufacturing," writes Erin Winnick in the MIT Technology Review, which recently released its list of the "five most amazing things that were 3D-printed this year." The five items:
  • Jet-engine combustion liner by GE Additive using laser sintering and overcoming size limitations associated with the process;
  • Stronger steel using a laser-sintering printer to control the microscopic grain structure of the metal – a process developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory;
  • Metal parts in minutes using Desktop Metal's single-pass jetting technology;
  • Plastic parts in minutes by MIT researchers using a machine with heat-generating laser and high-pressure screw mechanism; and
  • Running shoes by Adidas using a photochemical process from Carbon, Inc.

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AM for the OR—University of Louisville business incubator team collaborates with Concept Laser, Inc. to deliver 3D- printed laparoscopic instruments.
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