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May 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
3D Metal Printing - Monthly Newsletter
3D Metal Printing - Monthly Newsletter
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Project Aims to Optimize Design
for Digital Manufacturing

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has commissioned Xerox company PARC to develop, together with partners Intact Solutions and Oregon State University, a new computational paradigm for design. The project will involve creating tools for analyzing material structures, geometric-design complexity, and advanced manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, particularly the combined processes of metal printing and machining. PARC expects the project to have significant implications for computer-aided engineering.

"With this work, we aim to disrupt part, assembly and system design for conventional and modern manufacturing processes," says PARC research area manager Saigopal Nelaturi. "The computational innovations in modeling, planning, synthesis and performance analysis will be developed to support the increasing freedom of manufacturing with unprecedented geometric and material complexity."

The project, called FIELDS (Fabricating with Interoperable Engineering, Planning, Design and Analysis), aims to transform product design by creating a system that automatically generates designs based on selected parameters. The result will be improved product performance and a shortened time-to-market.

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Industry News
Norsk Titanium to Deliver 3D-Printed Structural Titanium Components to Boeing
LAI International Completes First Step in NADCAP AM Certification
3Diligent State of the Industry Report Now Available
Premium Aerotec, EOS and Daimler Partner for NextGenAM Project
GoEngineer and Concept Laser Enter Partnership
You Ought to Know
Metal Printing for Power-Plant Maintenance
Power magazine offers up this in-depth look at several 3D metal-printing processes finding application in power plants for component repair or replacement, including selective laser melting, laser metal deposition, direct metal laser melting and electron beam melting.

"Additive manufacturing allows us to develop parts and products more efficiently," explains Massimiliano Cecconi, materials and manufacturing technologies executive at GE Oil & Gas, "with better performance and cost-effectively, and it accelerates the speed at which we can bring products to market. Production times are drastically reduced—the finished product can be completed in weeks instead of months, significantly reducing production cycles, which ultimately benefits the customer."

Learn here how a nuclear power plant reverse-engineered and replaced the impeller of its fire-protection pump, which had been in operation since 1981 and was no longer in production, rather than replace the entire pump.

Canada Makes Funds Micro-Metal AM Program
Shimifrez Inc., a manufacturer of precision photochemically etched and electroformed micro-metal components, announces the kickoff of a $750,000 expansion that will create eight additional jobs at its facility in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Canada Makes helped fund the company's expansion, through its Metal Additive Demonstration Program (MADP). It employs the photo-electroforming process to fabricate copper parts.

The electroforming process, ideal for producing complex and thin metal parts, generates a highly accurate negative replica from a mandrel or master surface. The high resolution of the conductive patterned substrate allows production of fine geometries, with tight tolerances and superior edge definition, say Shimifrez officials.

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