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December 2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016
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3D Metal Printing - Monthly Newsletter

December 1, 2016
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German Manufacturer of Biocompatible-Titanium
Spinal Implants Coming to the United States

Emerging Implant Technologies (EIT), a German company that employs 3D metal printing to manufacture orthopedic devices, has received a significant investment from private equity company SHS mbH to support its international expansion efforts, including to the United States. EIT uses selective laser melting to create its proprietary Cellular Titanium structures, which it says provide favorable properties—80-percent porosity and diamond pores measuring 650 μm, mimicking trabecular bone structure and helping to promote natural bone growth.

Learn more here.

Industry News

Trumpf, Siemens Partner on a Combined Metal-AM Solution
EOS Joins Siemens PLM Software Partner Program
Methods Launches Additive-Manufacturing Labs
Auburn the Latest University to Direct its Attention to 3D Metal Printing
Sintavia Boosts its Aerospace, Defense Capabilities with New EOS Printer

You Ought To Know

Aluminum-Infused 3D Metal Printer
Targeted for Space Duty

Scientists from the University of Birmingham, in the UK, have developed an aluminum-based 3D metal printer that can work in zero gravity. The printer, tested recently at the European Space Agency (ESA) facilities, overcomes the issue of weightlessness by using aluminum wire in lieu of powders, similar to how a plastic filament would be used for 3D printing. As the printed aluminum cools, the layers are fused together by surface tension.

The next big step in the project will be to test the setup on the International Space Station. Here's more detail on the project.

In This Issue

3D Metal Printing of
Automotive Stamping Dies

Studying wire-arc additive manufacturing of draw dies for three automotive parts reveals how additive manufacturing may play a role in the metalforming arena.

Selling Replacement Parts
in an AM World: What the Music Industry Can Teach Manufacturers

Hint: Think licensing.

The Right Prescription for Medical
GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services thinks it has found just that, with its 10 3D metal printers and years of expertise positioning it well to serve that industry as well as aerospace and others.

In The Next Issue
  • Focus on the Aerospace Industry
  • An Inside Look at the Next Manufacturing Center at Carnegie Mellon University
  • AMUG User Conference Preview
  • HIP of Titanium Parts
  • Design for AM, Part II

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