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Webinar: Identifying Parts for Metal 3D Printing

Tuesday, August 7, 2018
As metal additive manufacturing (AM) expands to a viable production process, companies are assessing the feasibility of producing parts with Selective Laser Melting. Join our application engineering team to discuss what types of parts, features and geometries are best suited to be optimized for AM. Attendees will learn how to assess components to take the first steps of implementing a metal AM strategy.
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Optimized for production, the SLM 280 features faster powder re-coating, high-power dual laser configuration, safe closed-loop powder handling and the best gas flow in the industry.

3D Printing is Easy –
Additive Manufacturing is Hard

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We receive weekly inquiries on testing our technology. A CAD model and some notes are traded and our team swings into action to assess the viability of producing parts using SLM. The 3D Printing part is a piece of cake – with the latest machines and software, it takes minutes to arrange parts on a build plate, load a machine with powder and plate, generate a toolpath and hit “Print.” A few hours or days later, out comes the component: 3D Printing is easy! So is Additive Manufacturing hard? Join us as we explore the difference between 3D Printing a component and achieving qualified, reliable, and repeatable, serial production of parts. We’ll look at the other technologies involved in the manufacture of typical components, the facilities and infrastructure needed, and the challenges of qualifying components in production.
Case Study: Lightweighted Steering Knuckle

This steering knuckle, developed by Hirschvogel Tech Solutions, was designed with a structural lattice mimicking bionic geometries. 3D-Printed with selective laser melting on the SLM 500, the resulting component maintained structural integrity while reducing weight 40% compared to the traditionally cast part.  

SLM Solutions: Your Metal AM Partner

SLM Solutions offers more than just selective laser melting equipment. We take a vested interest in customers' success, providing support and knowledge-sharing to elevate the use of metal AM. Our local AM Technology center staffed with a team of experts partners ensures customers' return on investment is maximized.

Learn more about the selective laser melting process in the metal 3D printing resource center with whitepapers, case studies, webinars, videos and more!
Financing Available
Keep your business competitive and your equipment on the cutting edge. SLM Solutions offers flexible financing options on all selective laser melting systems.


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