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Tips & Tricks for Metal 3D Printing with DMLS

Thursday, October 5, 2017
Tips & Tricks for Metal 3D Printing with DMLS
Direct Metal Laser Sintering is an additive technology widely known for its strength and rapid turnaround time for metal parts.
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Metal 3D Printing Design Guide

Designing 3D Printed Metal Parts

Direct Metal Laser Sintering is a 3D printing technology that uses metal powders and precision lasers to accurately create complex parts in a fraction of the time of traditional machining. Xometry’s team of expert engineers has created a free DMLS Design Guide full of tips and tricks to help you optimize your designs and save on Metal 3D Printing.

Why Metal 3D Printing?

  • STRENGTH - Design durable end-use parts using powdered metals with strong mechanical and dynamic properties.
  • RAPID TURNAROUND - Create metal parts without required tooling, reducing manufacturing lead time from weeks to days.
  • COMPLEX GEOMETRY - Produce complex parts that cannot be made using traditional manufacturing techniques.
  • INSTANT QUOTING - Simply upload your 3D CAD file to get instant pricing, lead times, and manufacturability analysis on your custom metal parts.

Download your free copy of the DMLS Design Guide for tips and tricks to save time and money on your next Metal 3D Printing project!

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