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3D Metal Printing Delivers Rapid + TCT

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
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3D Metal Printing magazine Delivers Rapid + TCT

RAPID + TCT, with 3D Metal Printing magazine as a media sponsor (booth 3410), delivers an ideal event for corporate executives and business owners; product-design and R&D professionals; design engineers; manufacturing engineers and managers; software developers; and investors and entrepreneurs. With more than 6000 industry professionals and 300 exhibitors expected, 200 technical presentations, and a host of workshops, keynotes and networking receptions, this is a must-attend event.


Laser Monitoring for Additive Manufacturing, Booth 1943


Ophir BeamWatch AM is the industry's first non-contact laser beam monitoring system for additive manufacturing. A lightweight, compact system for real-time measurement of focal shift during laser startup of powder bed fusion manufacturing processes. Measures key beam size, position, and quality parameters, including focus spot size and beam caustic, for more consistent metallurgy.
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3050 North 300 West
North Logan, UT 84341, USA
435-753 3729

Meet Simufact at Rapid + TCT show, Booth 2011


Simufact top highlights on MSC´s Rapid + TCT booth # 2011: Simufact gives insights into the third generation of its powerful simulation tool for the simulation of metal-based additive manufacturing processes. Discover the software with its top features in the context of live-demos.

MSC Software
4675 MacArthur Court
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(714) 540-8900

Visit 3D Systems,
Booth 1204

3D Systems

3D Systems offers a complete printer, material, and software solution with expert application support. The ProX DMP 320 is a high throughput, high repeatability metal 3D printer that generates high-quality parts from the most challenging alloys. For more information, visit www.3dsystems.com or talk to our experts at Rapid+TCT booth 1204.

3D Systems, Inc.

Educational Opportunities Galore
The workshop program kicks off RAPID + TCT on April 23 and features eight information-packed seminars on materials, processes, technologies, markets and more. In addition, three days of conference presentations will cover product design, prototyping, and reducing time-to-market, to name a few. For those not attending the conference sessions, the RAPID + TCT Tech Briefings (free to attendees) provides basic fundamentals on important technologies.

Much More on the Floor
As informative as conference sessions promise to be, expect even more on the show floor. The RAPID + TCT LaunchPad, located in the show-floor theater, showcases the latest technologies, applications and newest products. Several 15-min. technically oriented presentations provide interactive Q&A sessions. In addition, the 3D Playground features a variety of entertaining hands-on 3D experiences related to scanning, printing, specialized materials and new product technologies.

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