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Tier-1 automotive supplier scraps manual traceability process

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tier-1 Automotive Supplier Improves Traceability and Inventory Accuracy

Complimentary case study


Cosma International is a tier-1 supplier of automotive assemblies, providing body, chassis, and engineering solutions to their OEM customers around the globe. Traceability and inventory accuracy are critical to their operation. They needed a modern reporting and inventory management system that would improve shop floor operations, automate traceability processes, and scale with their growing business. With poor inventory accuracy rates, dependence on manual processes, and a legacy system vendor unable to provide a proper solution, Cosma turned to Epicor CMS.


Epicor worked with Cosma to create an event-based reporting system, featuring enhanced serial traceability capabilities. With Epicor CMS, Cosma’s shop floor operators can report their own production in real time throughout the day. All it takes is two quick barcode scans at one of 23 reporting stations on the floor.


"The event-based reporting system in Epicor CMS is integral to what we do," said Andy Hrasky, assistant general manager at Cosma International. "We couldn't get by without it."


Read the case study to find out how Cosma International achieved better inventory management, improved production scheduling, reliable EDI, near-instant access to key metrics, and increased employee productivity—all as a result of Epicor CMS.


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