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Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Introducing the Metal X 3D Printer: A breakthrough in metal 3D printing

Introducing the Metal X and Markforged

Meet the Metal X. Markforged's revolutionary new metal 3D printer makes it easier than ever to produce robust metal parts in a compact format. Available for only $99,500 USD and shipping in Q3, the Metal X is the first serious metal 3D printer on the market that enables any engineer to create complex, metal 3D printed parts, thanks to a new revolutionary ADAM technology.

Markforged started with a vision: Empower engineers to create strong-as-metal, finished parts using the right materials for the job - and remove the multiple barriers between design and a final product. We are overturning not only the 3D printing industry but also many traditional manufacturing methods giving our customers unprecedented cost, time, and efficiency savings.
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ADAM: Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing

ADAM is a new technology for 3D printing metal. It uses a bound metal powder that transforms into a dense metal part in one easy step to create your metal 3D printed part. Bulk sintering provides crystal growth through all axes giving your parts excellent mechanical properties in all directions. ADAM enables the creation of unique geometrics such as closed-cell honeycomb infill. Parts can be printed like the structure of bones - a closed cell inner core encased in a solid outer shell. This geometry is not possible using traditional subtractive manufacturing processes.

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