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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How Safe is 3D Metal Printing?

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We guide our customers to consider the machine architecture first: if the machine is designed to be user-centric, then it is designed with safety in mind. Some think that 3D metal printing is focused on the machine and material - our stance is that it should be focused on protecting the human. Safety is paramount when working with this technology.

Hear additive experts Phoenix, Analysis, and Design Technologies (PADT) explain in 4 minutes the science behind potential hazards and how to select a machine architecture that is best suited for safety and performance.


Be Alert and Always Inert - The importance of an inert environment with Metal 3D Printing
Dr. Dhruv Bhate of PADT, Inc. explains in 4 minutes the science behind the importance of an inert environment, and how it protects both your application and your machine operators.
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