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German Research Project for Aircraft Industry

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A German public-private research program for identifying ways to reduce aircraft-production costs has identified 3D metal printing (3DMP) as an effective solution. 

Known as the Regis project, the research effort is partly funded by the German government. Airbus, a multinational aerospace and defense corporation headquartered in The Netherlands; Gefertec, a German provider of 3DMP equipment and other partner companies have teamed up within the project to make 3DMP a viable method for aircraft production. 

For the project, Airbus and its partner, the Bremen Institute for Applied Beam Technology (BIAS), have installed an arc403 3D metal printer at the BIAS research facility in Bremen, Germany. The electric-arc-welding-based machine produces near-net-shaped parts welded layer by layer.

The Regis project will end in 2021 when it is expected that 3DMP as a manufacturing method for aircraft will have been qualified.

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