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Advanced Materials for Defense Summit

Friday, June 8, 2018
The Defense Strategy Institute’s Advanced Materials for Defense Summit, set for July 24-25 in Alexandria, VA, promises to serve as an educational forum for personnel from the Department of Defense (DoD) and federal agencies, the military and industry. Sessions will provide opportunities to discuss efforts to facilitate and implement technology-based options for advanced materials and manufacturing processes.

Topics include:
- Innovative materials research for critical defense needs
- Global-logistics-operations support via enhanced manufacturing capabilities
- High-performance structural materials for warfighting capabilities
- Materials and manufacturing sciences for ensuring development of affordable advanced materials
- Strategic materials for higher levels of combat power
- Material readiness and maintenance for major weapons systems
- 3D-printing processes to accelerate Army manufacturing efforts
- Strategic materials for soldier clothing and equipment to defeat and reduce threats of fragmentation and heat
- Impact of foreign investments into acquisition materials in the United States
- Utilization of rare-earth elements across the DoD

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