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HP deems United States leader of Additive Manufacturing

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A recent study conducted by A. T. Kearney, a Chicago consultancy firm, announced the United States as the world leader in additive manufacturing (AM). 

The study, commissioned by HP Inc, found that in terms of 3D-printing adoption, the United States ranks first, followed by Germany. 

Korea places third, Japan fourth, and the U.K. fifth, based on, “a country’s governance, capabilities, and economic assets [supporting] the adoption of 3D printing,” the report reads. 

3D printing dominated how nations were ranked, accounting for 50 percent of a country’s total score. Trade, governance, demand, people, and technology each respectively made up 10 percent of the score.

The report also ranks the fastest growing markets for AM, with South Korea ranking first, followed by Italy and the U.K.

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