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MTC to Advance Additive Manufacturing Standards with ASTM

Monday, June 11, 2018

The Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) in Coventry, England, has been chosen by ASTM International, a PA-based leading global standards organization, to be the first non-U.S. founding partner of their Center of Excellence in Manufacturing. 

The Center of Excellence aims to become a global innovation hub that addresses additive manufacturing (AM) needs through development of technical standards, R&D, education, training and more.

"The MTC's proposal was one of the highest ranked among dozens of proposals submitted,” says Dr. Mohsen Seifi, ASTM's international director of global AM programs. “Clearly the MTC will play a key role in achieving the vision of filling industry gaps in standardization and driving innovation on a global scale.”

The collaboration was announced at the first meeting of the Center of Excellence's R&D team at Auburn University in Alabama, which was also attended by the United States Federal Aviation Administration, the National Institute for Standards and Technology and NASA.
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