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U.S. Armed Forces Gain Additive-Manufacturing Systems from Nano Dimension

Monday, October 8, 2018
Nano Dimension Ltd., an Israel-based additive-electronics provider with operations in Santa Clara, Calif., announced it has sold two DragonFly Pro additive-manufacturing systems to the United States Armed Forces.
The multimaterial DragonFly Pro precision inkjet system allows electronics designers and electrical engineers to 3D print conductive metal and dielectric polymer simultaneously while meeting stringent security requirements, shortening electronics developers' project turnaround times. PCB prototypes and other functional circuitry, including antennas and sensors, can be additively manufactured in hours instead of weeks.

"Nano Dimension's U.S. sales and marketing team has been working effectively with our value-added resellers, extending our reach in the U.S. defense vertical," says Simon Fried, president of Nano Dimension USA. "The selection of our precision additive manufacturing technologies by U.S. defense organizations demonstrates the unparalleled value offered by our products to the defense industry at large." 


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