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Italy's Flame Spray SpA to Add Hot Isostatic Press

Friday, June 26, 2020

Quintus Technologies announced plans to provide a hot isostatic press (HIP) to Italy-based thermal-spray-coatings specialist Flame Spray SpA, to respond to growing demand for the densification and heat treatment process as additive manufacturing (AM) increasingly takes hold in aerospace-parts production.

The Quintus press model QIH 122 M URC offers the ability to stress relieve, HIP, heat treat and age parts in a single cycle. And, its Uniform Rapid Cooling capability reportedly minimizes thermal distortion and nonuniform grain growth, producing finished parts with optimal material properties. The press features a hot work zone of 26-in. dia. by 69 in. tall.  

Flame Spray SpA plans to install the press at its facility in Morra De Sanctis, in Southern Italy, in September 2020. 


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