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Digital Metal Launches Two Superalloys

Tuesday, September 3, 2019
To cover the rising demand for 3D-printable superalloys, Sweden-based Digital Metal has launched two superalloy grades: DM 247 and DM 625. The DM 247 is based on the non-weldable MAR M247, widely used as material for turbine blades and in other applications with elevated temperatures. The DM 625 is an Inconel 625-grade. Its application areas range from seawater applications and chemical processing equipment, to nuclear industry and aerospace.

“We have been receiving qualified requests for these materials from various large companies,” says Ralf Carlström, general manager at Digital Metal. “Many producers within the aerospace and automotive business have long been anticipating high-quality superalloys for 3D printing. Now we can offer them our binder jetting technology and superalloys, which were developed for our printers.”


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