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Additive Manufacturing System Makes Possible Secured Electronics for Defense Agencies

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Two U.S. defense and security agencies have bought a DragonFly system by Israel-based Nano Dimension, Ltd., for additive manufacturing of electronics. Nano Dimension, a certified U.S. Department of Defense vendor, helps defense companies meet strict timelines, produce fully functional electronic circuitry and protect security-sensitive and proprietary designs. 

The system, built to print multilayer fully functional complex circuitry, enables companies to
to lessen the risk of intellectual-property theft, streamline productivity by bringing additive manufacturing inhouse, consolidate electronic components and reduce their size and weight, and simplify multipiece assemblies.

"Nano Dimension continues to expand its additive manufacturing capabilities and thanks to our recently launched lights-out digital (LDM) technology and our value-added resellers, we are opening the door for a wide range of advanced applications," says CEO Amit Dror.


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