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On-Demand Topology-Optimization Platform

Monday, March 4, 2019

Paramatters, a provider of autonomous topology-optimization, parts-consolidation and lightweighting software, has released its CogniCAD 2.0 topology-optimization platform both as a cloud-based service and enterprise product. The second-generation CAD-to-CAD generative design and lightweighting tool builds on its cloud-based, cognitive-design computational platform to automatically generate ready-to-print lightweighted structures for aerospace, automotive and other mission-critical applications. It automatically compiles lightweight and metamaterial lattice structures on-demand, based on size, weight, strength, style, materials and cost as specified by designers or engineers.

CogniCAD 2.0 can be accessed via as a pay-per-design, cloud-based service, with the company offering several subscription and enterprise-based models, and actively engaging in several complimentary strategic partnerships.

“We are transforming the entire design-to-manufacturing process by making it possible for our cloud service to autonomously generate high-quality, CAD-agnostic and ready-to-manufacture, optimized lightweighted designs in minutes to a few hours,” says Avi Reichental, Paramatters co-founder and board member. “Our proprietary generative engine automatically delivers high performance and quality designs with minimal user input. As a result, the entire design cycle is compressed from days to hours, and raises the quality of generative designs compared to what can be achieved manually.”

CogniCAD 2.0 works by first importing CAD files into the platform, and then defining loading and design criteria. Within minutes, users can obtain generative designs verified by built-in finite-element analysis, ready for 3D printing in both STL and STEP formats. All ParaMatters-generated designs can be directly produced using additive manufacturing.


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