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Velo3D Announces Quality Assurance and Control System for 3D Metal Printing

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Assure quality assurance and control system provides z-height quantitative powder bed and part metrology. Note the sections of parts with red lobes indicating metal protruding >300um above the powder bed but still below control limits.
Velo3D, a Campbell, CA-based provider of metal additive manufacturing solutions, has announced the release and availability of the Assure Quality Assurance and Control System for its Sapphire 3D metal printers. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is the first customer to implement Assure. 

Assure provides substantiation of part quality needed for volume production. It detects process anomalies, flags them, and highlights the corrective actions required to prevent errors from being repeated. Through real-time, multi-sensor, physics-based detection algorithms, Assure delivers unprecedented traceability of part quality and flags process anomalies as soon as they occur. This decreases variation and provides comprehensive documentation to fast-track printed-part validation. 

“Assure is a revolutionary quality-control system, an inherent part of the Velo3D end-to-end manufacturing solution for serial production,” says Benny Buller, Velo3D founder and CEO. “Assure is part of our vision to provide an integrated solution to produce parts by additive manufacturing with successful outcomes.”

Stratasys Direct began working with Vel03D on Assure testing soon after it acquired a Sapphire printer earlier in the year. Stratasys Direct implemented Assure to identify variations and anamolies in the production of the parts on several builds. Throughout the study, Stratasys Direct accessed Assure’s dashboard and sophisticated algorithms to monitor the integrity of the builds, validate the bulk material density, observe ongoing process metrics, and verify the calibration of the system across multple production runs. These trials and results confirmed the capabilities of the software, and were documented in a whitepaper that both Velo3D and Stratasys Direct co-authored.

“Stratasys Direct has built a culture of continuous improvement that means we are continually setting new standards for our industry on quality,” says Kent Firestone, CEO of Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. “We integrated Assure into our quality control workflow because it produces highly actionable insights. The user interface features intuitive graphs and charts that enable us to see and interpret the vast amount of data collected during builds. This information helps our engineers verify the quality of the build each step of the way, and enables them to make quick decisions in the event of an issue. Assure helps us reduce production variation, improve yields, and circumvent anomalies to ensure consistent additive manufacturing.”

To learn more about Assure, register for the Stratasys Direct webinar on November 14th at 10am PST. If you are attending formnext in Frankfurt, Germany, stop by the Velo3D booth (Hall 11, E79) on November 19 at 10 a.m. for a Velo3D/Stratasys Direct press conference.


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