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Stratasys Forms Vulcan Labs

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Stratasys, Ltd., a Minneapolis, MN-based provider of additive technology solutions, has announced its spin-off business, Vulcan Labs, Inc., for advancing innovation of powder-bed-fusion (PBF) additive manufacturing. The result of Stratasys’ incubation activities, Belton, TX-based Vulcan’s solutions will include:
• Optimized build environments and multilaser scan strategies
• Closed-loop melt pool, quality control
• Detailed data logging and integration to the factory floor
• Automated powder handling and in-situ powder quality characterization
• Automated calibration and build set-up capabilities

“To provide Vulcan with the best path to achieve its vision, we decided to form a new and independent entity, with Stratasys as an equity stakeholder,” says Stratasys CEO, Ilan Levin. “We are delighted to continue supporting this team and look forward to collaborating with them.”

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