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MIT-Boeing Collaborate on Online AM Course

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Innovative Design and Production, a new online course for professionals, and the result of an MIT-Boeing collaboration, explores the transformational capabilities of AM in the design, production, and service of products, and investigates its implications in restructuring production workflows and lowering manufacturing costs. Geared towards industry professionals, the new course teaches critical skills that prepare employees to implement AM in their organizations.

The course, motivated by the need to scale learning and communicate its potential as a transformative mechanism in the design of parts and products, explains leading AM technologies for polymers, metals, and advanced materials; addresses design for AM via both engineering principles and computational design; and includes quantitative models for assessing the cost and value of components made by AM. While new graduates are entering the workforce with a basic knowledge of AM technology, many seasoned employees have little or no exposure to it. The MIT-Boeing collaboration was designed to help fill that learning gap.

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