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System Safely Filters Metallic and Nonmetallic Powders for AM and Welding

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Inert Corp., Amesbury, MA, maker of hermetically sealed systems for air, moisture and gas-sensitive processes, has developed a line of powder-filtration systems designed for AM and other industries that require collection and disposal of particles and particulate that may be reactive, corrosive, or otherwise require special handling considerations. Inert’s PF-1, PF-2 and PF-3 powder-filtration systems integrate into PowderShield enclosures or sell separately for retrofitting into existing systems.

Safety features include a quad HEPA filter cluster to collect reactive powders, water passivation of particulate, isolation valves, and an electrically grounded design that prevents static electricity buildup or potential ignition of particles. Other features include an easily accessible lockable cabinet, stainless-steel piping, 60-cfm blower, and Magnehelic gauge to display pressure and indicate when to replace the filter.

The powder-filtration systems are compact and come in a variety of models tailored to the different needs of users. PF-1 is for removing soot created as a byproduct of laser welding or with 3D printers. PF-2 has a higher maximum flow rate for larger industrial AM processes. PF-3 contains a ceramic filter for use with higher temperatures.

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