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UK Consortium Gains Backing for Powder Development Project

Thursday, April 12, 2018
A group of United Kingdom-based companies consisting of Aeromet International Ltd., Renishaw plc, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. and PSI Ltd. have received funding from the UK’s
National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Program (NATEP), to further develop the innovative A20X advanced aluminum powder for additive manufacturing (AM). As part of the High Strength Aluminum Powder for Additive Manufacture (HighSAP) project, the participating companies plan to join forces to develop and produce demonstrator parts using A20X alloy.

“By working with our partners,” says Mike Bond, director of advanced material technology at Aeromet, “we hope to further develop our powder technology and create a new option for high strength additive-manufactured parts.”

“We are pleased to be a part of this project and for the A20X to be further developed using Renishaw’s additive-manufacturing systems and our network of Solutions Centers,” adds Dr. Martin McMahon, business development manager of Global Solutions Centers at Renishaw.

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