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Advanced AM-Simulation Software

Friday, February 9, 2018

Genoa 3DP Simulation, an additive-manufacturing (AM) design tool and software suite from AlphaStar Corp., simulates the 3D-printing process to accurately predict the deflection, residual stress, damage initiation and crack-growth formation associated with as-built AM parts. Advanced multi-scale progressive-failure-analysis methods are used to replicate the entire 3D-printing process from material characterization to advanced structural analysis in order to determine voids, delamination, manufacturing anomalies, and other irregularities and inefficiencies.

The software suite provides end users with the ability to import an STL file/G-Code, generate a structural mesh, run analysis and optimize the build in order to reduce weight, reduce scrap rates, improve performance and meet specifications. Among numerous highlights, it identifies parameters to be changed to improve the manufacturing process: printing speed, intrusion distance, material temperature, ambient temperature, material type, inclusion orientation, aspect ratio and more.

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