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Renishaw Spearheading Aerospace-Related AM R & D in Spain

Monday, July 3, 2017
Renishaw's Spanish subsidiary Renishaw Iberica S.A.U. has begun to work with other Spanish engineering companies and research centers to develop new ways in which to apply 3D metal printing to manufacture aerospace turbines. Renishaw metal 3D printers will help develop high-speed turbine blades for the aerospace industry, combining the firm's metrology heritage with its additive-manufacturing (AM) expertise. It will 3D-print high-performance lightweight parts and also provide the technology to measure and qualify the components. The work is underway at the Centre for Advanced Aerospace Technologies in Seville, which recently acquired a Renishaw RenAM 500M metal 3D printer. Researchers seek to develop machine parameters for printing nickel-based alloys, to analyze the properties of turbine components manufactured by conventional processes, and then understand their adaptation for manufacturing by laser-based AM technologies. Learn more at


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