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Norsk Titanium to Deliver 3D-Printed Structural Titanium Components to Boeing

Monday, April 17, 2017
Norsk Titanium AS has received a production purchase order for 3D-printed structural titanium components from Boeing--the 787 Dreamliner soon will become the first commercial airplane to fly with certified additive-manufactured titanium parts in structural applications. The parts will be produced using Norsk's proprietary wire-based Rapid Plasma Deposition process. To certify the structural components, Boeing and Norsk Titanium undertook a rigorous testing program, with FAA-certification deliverables completed in February 2017.


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Posted by: AdditiveMan on 5/19/2017 4:34:29 PM
The whole process of Norsk getting this deal seems shady to me. As someone who follows the 3D printing industry very closely, it's apparent to me that Norsk had some inside help in securing the $125 million dollar grant from the State of New York, without allowing any other companies to place a bid for the grant. Are the taxpayers of New York not upset that that many of their tax dollars are going to a foreign company??


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