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BeAM North American Solutions Center Takes Delivery of DED Machine

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The BeAM Machines North American Solutions Center, which opened earlier this year in Cincinnati, OH, has taken delivery of a Magic 2.0 large-format directed-energy-deposition (DED) 3D metal-printing machine. The five-axis machine is designed for serial production and repair of high-value components in industries with long lead times and high buy-to-fly ratios. Standard machine specifications include an x-y-z build volume of 1200 by 800 by 800 mm, a Siemens 840D control and an IPG 2-kW fiber laser. Typical applications include repair of gas-turbine engine-shaft seals, stator vanes and LPT blades. The machine also finds use for creating near-net shapes.
The Solutions Center will be fully staffed with service technicians, applications and manufacturing engineers, material scientists, machinists, and technicians, in addition to a business-development team and support staff. The 20,000-sq.-ft. facility also includes a training center, post-processing machine shop, metallurgical laboratory and a final machine-assembly area;,


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