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Bodycote Launches Group of Advanced AM Processes

Friday, November 3, 2017

Bodycote, Macclesfield, England, provider of heattreatment and specialized thermal-processing services, introduced Powdermet technologies, a group of AM processes for the production of complex components using powder metallurgy.

The Powdermet technologies combine 3D printing with net-shape and near-net-shape techniques. The technologies achieve powder consolidation and structural homogeneity, and eliminate internal porosity and unconsolidated powder flaws. The process allows for the production of components with varying surface features and thicknesses, and with higher structural integrity than alternative production techniques. The need for brazing or welding parts together to form larger structures is eliminated. Different parts of a component are formed from different alloys, presenting cost-efficient solutions. Component design is tailored to the actual requirements for performance and is not limited by subsequent machining operations.



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