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BeAM Machines Debuts New Cincinnati Location

Friday, November 3, 2017

At an August open house, BeAM Machines introduced its 20,000-sq.ft. facility in Blue Ash, OH, near Cincinnati, where it handles sales, service, process/material development, applications, R&D and training. The event included live demonstrations of the company’s directed-energy-deposition (DED) AM machines, including its flagship product, the Magic 2.0 (pictured). The facility houses a dedicated AM workspace, metallurgical lab, applications-training section, assembly area and post-process machining department.

DED works by feeding metallic powder through a deposition nozzle and melting it with a high-power laser to create a layer-by-layer construction, with CNC control to provide accuracy. It can create parts from various materials including stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys and cobalt chromium. The Magic 2.0, a large-scale five-axis machine, is designed for serial production or repair of high-value components in industries with long lead times and high buy-to-fly ratios, according to Tim Bell, who, as BeAM Machines’ general manager and vice president of U.S. business development, heads up the new facility.

Other products include the Mobile, a small-scale five-axis machine, ideal for material research, low-volume production and repair of thin-walled and complex parts, and the new Modulo, a medium-scale five-axis serial production machine for constrained space environments and remote sites such as oil rigs and military-conflict zones.


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