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ATI, GE Aviation Announce Meltless-Titanium Joint Venture

Friday, November 3, 2017

Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI), Pittsburgh, PA, announced a joint venture with GE Aviation on development of a new meltless-titanium-alloy powder-manufacturing technology and construction of an R&D pilot production facility.

ATI will provide operational, technical and project support to the joint venture, which also will draw upon GE Aviation’s engineering and development capabilities and technical knowledge of the use of alloyed titanium powders.

“We are pleased to join with GE Aviation to create this innovative next-generation technology joint venture,” says Rich Harshman, ATI’s chairman, president and CEO. “The science of specialty metal powders is a transformative technology and we intend to maintain and enhance our industry-leading position.”

“Developing new materials is an important part of our vision for our business,” says David Joyce, vice chairman of GE and president and CEO of GE Aviation. “ATI is a recognized leader in advanced specialty materials, and we are excited about the collaboration this new joint venture enables.”

Allegheny Technologies Inc.:

GE Aviation/GE Additive:


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