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Additive Manufacturing to be Highlighted in Sept. Forging Tech. Conference

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Designed to showcase the latest in forging research and technology, the 31st Forging Industry Technical Conference, presented by the Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation, will take place September 19-20, in Columbus, OH. This year’s conference will include in-depth presentations on additive manufacturing with metal, and how the technology is impacting metalworking and forming industries.

The event, to be held at the Nationwide Hotel & Conference Center, will focus on industry-relevant research and insights from North American engineering and research universities, customers, technology providers and thought leaders. Forging-industry CEOs, plant managers, technology directors and managers, plant and chief engineers, engineering managers, metallurgists, professors, and principals from research and associated government agencies, as well as customers, are encouraged to attend.

Speakers and participants will consider the current state, challenges and future of the forging industry; focus on educational trends and development of the future workforce; showcase the best in forging technology with presentations relevant to different processes, materials and end-use markets; report on FIERF-funded research projects; and offer a networking opportunity between industry, academia and research partners.

For more information, including a detailed list of presentations and table-top exhibits, and to register, visit


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