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Quintus Press Headed to Florida Additive Manufacturing Center

Tuesday, July 5, 2016
A Quintus Technologies hot isostatic press (HIP) will round out the lineup of equipment in the 10,000-sq.-ft. metal additive manufacturing center opened recently by Sintavia, LLC, in Davie, Fla. The model QIH 15L press will give Sintavia serial production capability for metal parts that meet the quality-control standards required by the aerospace and defense industry.

“Without HIP technology, additively manufactured parts are susceptible to porosity and lack of fusion,” says Sintavia founder Brian Neff. “HIP allows for near 100-percent net-density parts.”

The press features Quintus’ proprietary Uniform Rapid Cooling (URC) technology, which, by incorporating densification and heattreatment in the same equipment, shortens cycle times for higher productivity.  It provides a hot zone of 7.3 x 19.7 in. and enables pressures to 30,000 psi and temperatures to 2550 F. It is scheduled to be commissioned in September 2016.

Here is additional information on Quintus HIP equipment:

Sintavia is online at


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