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Canadian-European Consortium to Study 3D Metal Printing for Aerospace-Repair Projects

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Nine partners from Canada, France, Sweden and the UK have formed a research consortium to study additive-manufacturing technology for repair of aerospace-industry components. Dubbed AMOS (Additive Manufacturing Optimization and Simulation), consortium projects will focus on direct-energy deposition techniques that combine laser or arc-welding tools with automated or robotic control to accurately deposit and melt metal powder or wire.

Included in the AMOS consortium are research organizations, aerospace OEMs, repair providers and universities. Their projects, according to a representative, will aim to “provide a fundamental understanding of thermal and mechanical behavior of powder and wire material during deposition. They also will provide a simulation and optimization platform for industrial partners to further develop their component-specific applications."

AMOS will also investigate how additive repair techniques can be factored into the design of new components to optimize efficiency over their life cycle, and the qualification of innovative repair processes which do not comply with current industry specifications;



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