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Hypertherm Turns to NVBOTS to Expand its Use of 3D Printing

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS), Boston, MA, announced that Hypertherm, a U.S. manufacturer of plasma-, laser- and waterjet-cutting systems, is relying on a network of NVBOTS’ NVPro 3D printers to speed product design, evaluate marketing concepts and test assembly processes.

“We were using 3D printing on a limited basis, but our existing solution was poorly suited for a multi-user environment,” says Hypertherm engineering manager Cliff Darrow. “It was difficult to use, time-consuming to manage and unreliable. We sought an alternative, and were pleased to discover NVBOTS and the company’s NVPro platform. “

Hypertherm has deployed several NVPro’s together with the NVCloud software. The printers can operate around the clock unattended, and the use of video monitoring allows employees to remotely check on part status.

Hypertherm has four NVPro 3D printers, with more than 100 associates using the printers to produce more than 50 parts per week. It plans to take advantage of new advancements coming out of NVBOTS, including multimetal 3D-printing technology being developed at its NVLABS division.


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