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Baker Aerospace Tooling & Machining, Inc. Adds Two 3D Metal-Printing Machines

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Baker Aerospace Tooling & Machining, Inc., Macomb Township, MI, has installed two M 290 direct metal-printing systems from EOS, Novi, MI, and hired Mike Misener as additive manufacturing director.

“3D metal printing is redefining part processing and production efficiencies in a number of industries we’re already serving,” says Misener, “such as aerospace, aircraft, defense, automotive, medical, power generation and mold tooling. The impact for our customers will be positive and immediate, and more will follow.”

Company founders Kevin and Scott Baker add that that they had been investigating 3D metal printing for the last few years and decided the technology has progressed to where it now will provide significant value for Baker customers. Specializing in complex, CNC-machined parts, 3D metal printing holds promise for unconstrained new thinking for design improvements and parts that cannot be made any other way, they say. Conformal cooling inserts for injection molds are one example.

“3D-printed metal inserts allow cooling lines to closely conform to part dimensions,” Misener says. “By eliminating hot spots, cooling cycles are cut dramatically. Molds run faster, last longer and produce more quality parts. That’s only one example where 3D metal printing is changing the business.”



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