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Summer 2020 Issue

Volume 5, Number 3

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Cover Article

AM-Machine Technology and Applications Expanding
by Louis A. Kren
R&D investment, improved material availability, larger build volumes and more drive the uptick in metal-AM applications.



Teach Engineers to Understand the Business Case
by Brad Kuvin
...for metal additive manufacturing (AM) to help convince decision makers that investing in the technology will pay off quickly. Building a business case on the foundation of purchase-price variance will put teeth to more familiar concepts such as improved product performance and speed to market.
Sky-High Improvement for Drone-Engine Cylinder via Modeling Software
Bench testing of a metal-AM Cobra Aero part shows significant performance improvements, with computational-modeling software enabling rapid, iterative design innovations.
Manufacturing Aluminum Alloys With 3D Printing
by Dr. Neil Canter, Contributing Editor
Researchers have successfully 3D printed 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloys by adding nanoparticle grain refiners to the metal powders prior to processing.
Mastering Workflow for Part Qualification
by Brad Kuvin
Follow the advice offered here when stepping through the development of an additive manufacturing workflow for part, machine and process qualification.
Binder Jetting Yields Solutions for Golf Club Maker, Marines
by Louis A. Kren
More rapid design iterations for Cobra Golf and quicker availability of parts for the U.S. Marine Corps are major selling points for HP's Metal Jet technology.



Rapid Advances in Process Reliability and Process Capability
Editorial by Louis A. Kren
Wire-Directed Energy Deposition Technology
Insights in Metal Printing by Mark Barfoot



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