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Spring 2020 Issue

Volume 5, Number 2

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Cover Article

AM Material Development--Full Speed Ahead
by Louis A. Kren
The availability of powders and other source materials for additive manufacturing has risen dramatically, with more in the pipeline. Here's a look at recent developments in the AM-material pipeline.



Diffusion Bonding Builds Complex Metal Parts with Internal Passageways
Machine shops can leverage the capabilities of 3D metal printing to create complex parts by using diffusion bonding to join thin sheets of similar or dissimilar metal alloys. Applications for the process, called laminated-object manufacturing, include conformal cooling and heat exchangers.
Additive Manufacturing--A Path to Sustainable Success
by Louis A. Kren
AM offers a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing, and a cleaner one. Formed to promote these views: the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association.
Mile-High Medical Manufacturing
by Louis A. Kren
Near Denver, CO, 3D Systems houses design, production and application support for medical and dental customers, supplying surgical training aids, surgical models, implants and instruments.
Achieving Process Repeatability with Metal AM
by Andrew Carter
Let's take a look at powder recyclability as a critical build-success factor, and what happens to the mechanical properties of a powder when it's recycled.



AM Flexibility, Innovation Apparent in COVID-19 Response
Backtalk by Louis A. Kren
Ramping Up--Key Factors for Leaders to Remember
Shining the Spotlight on Laser-Powder DED
Insights in Metal Printing by Mark Barfoot



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