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November 2020 Issue

Volume 5, Number 4

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Cover Article

Successful Metal-AM Builds Are No Accident: The Value of In-Process Metrology
by Zach Murphree
Manufacturers must address several metrics to help ensure successful metal additive-manufacturing (AM) production, but three areas stand out as most critical: meltpool status, atmospheric composition and powder-bed height.



Machine Learning: A Game Changer for AM Quality Assurance
by Darren Beckett
Machine learning in any environment, including metal additive manufacturing (AM), depends on gathering quality data and then using the right system to validate that data. Like most other processes, the old expression “garbage in garbage out” applies.
Formnext 2020--A Virtual AM Extravaganza
The four-day educational platform features the AM industry's most inspirational figures, sharing their expertise on how design-to-manufacturing technologies are making a real impact in the manufacturing world.
Mega-Movement on AM Materials
by Louis A. Kren
Material developments continue unabated, as AM reaches into new, and expands in existing, applications.
Reaper Reaps AM Benefits via Redesigned Part
by Louis A. Kren
A newly designed air inlet on this remotely piloted aircraft delivers part consolidation along with substantial weight and cost reductions.



Standardization the Key to Streamlined AM Workflow?
Backtalk by Lou Kren
Tackling the QA Challenge
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Working Toward a Full AM-Data Ecosystem
Insights in Metal Printing by Mark Barfoot



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