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Summer 2017 Issue

Volume 2, Number 3

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Cover Article

AM + Precision Machining = The Way Forward
by Louis A. Kren
That's the equation for success at Imperial Machine & Tool, a New Jersey operation that combines metal additive manufacturing with precision machining to supply parts that can be made no other way.



6 Steps for Adopting Quality-Controlled Metal Additive Manufacturing
by Ankit Saharan
From powder and machine inspection to part-quality evaluation and verification, this six-step production process will help manufacturers achieve high-quality cost-efficient results from their 3D metal-printing applications.
The 22nd TCT Show
by Louis A. Kren
...scheduled for the United Kingdom in late-September, promises all-things-AM to a worldwide audience.
Medical AM Ramping Up
by Louis A. Kren
Additive manufacturing lends itself as an ideal process for medical applications, and as these applications build, so, too, will the challenges.
Spearheading AM Technology & Powder R&D
by Brad Kuvin
Researchers at EWI’s Buffalo Manufacturing Works play critical roles in helping manufacturers develop 3D metal printing capabilities, including qualifying new powders by improving flowability and packing density, as well as developing the build parameters users need to print successfully.



Don't Stop Learning
Backtalk by Louis A. Kren
The Gap Between AM Awareness and Deployment
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Conversation with 3rd Dimension Industrial 3D Printing
Grimm's 3D Metal Printing Tales by Todd Grimm



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