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Spring 2017 Issue

Volume 2, Number 2

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Cover Article

Designing for Additive Manufacturing, Part III:
Leveraging Optimization Methods
by Caitlin Oswald and Joe Manzo
There is much more to optimizing geometry beyond using the straight output from a design tool. The most efficient AM structures only result when combining optimization methods with real-world AM expertise.



Caterpillar's Grand AM Plan
by Brad Kuvin
...includes building the infrastructure to ensure that 3D printing nourishes the company's engineering teams as it strives to continually innovate. The Caterpillar hub-and-spoke AM model features a newly minted inhouse AM factory, supported by a service-bureau network that’s moving AM ideas from the design suite into production.
A Metal-AM Industry Expert Peers Toward the Future
by Brad Kuvin
The digitization of manufacturing; use of automation to drive enhancements to quality and machine utilization; and education initiatives all are coming together to help move 3D metal printing out of the R&D lab and into mainstream manufacturing.
A Role in Military-Fleet Readiness
by Brad Kuvin
Printed stainless-steel exhaust stacks for a 1944-vintage warbird help to validate the value that 3D metal printing can bring to the military in terms of operational readiness--critical in an era of budget constraints, aging apparatus, and supply-chain and logistics challenges.
Rapid + TCT
In Pittsburgh in May, it's the must-attend event for additive-manufacturing technology, knowledge and networking.
Quick Simulation Pays Dividends
by Louis A. Kren
Able to rapidly assess part buildability and performance, simulation software is an ideal addition to any AM user's toolkit.



AM Driven by a Unique Combination
Backtalk by Lou Kren
Gemba + Grimm = Insider Angles on 3D Metal Printing
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Conversation with 3D Material Technologies
Grimm's 3D Metal Printing Tales by Todd Grimm



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