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Summer 2016 Issue

Volume 1, Number 2

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Cover Article

3D Metal Printing Revving Up the Auto Industry
by Brad Kuvin
Formula 1 teams lead the way in developing creative 3D metal-printing applications to shave weight while improving performance. And at least one innovative manufacturer has developed a space-frame concept using 3D-printed metal nodes. What's coming next?



Five Things Manufacturers Need to Know About 3DMP
by Ben Fisk
Become proficient in metal additive manufacturing and you’ll gain the ability to create parts with greater adherence to design intent, while mastering low-volume production and prototyping and learning to work with a variety of materials. But know that there's much more to developing a core competency in 3D metal printing than simply pressing a button.
Titanium Taking Off
by Brad Kuvin
Machining titanium into aerospace parts can create a buy-to-fly ratio upwards of 10 to 1, as machine shops turn expensive metal into chips. Often 3D metal printing makes more sense, but only as long as titanium-powder producers can meet the growing demand for powder that's fit for metal printing.
Add and Subtract--All in One
by Lou Kren
Spotlight on Additive Manufacturing at IMTS
More than a dozen suppliers of additive-manufacturing technology will inhabit a new Additive Manufacturing pavilion at this year’s edition of IMTS. Also on tap: a 1.5-day additive-manufacturing technical conference.



Think Additive Manufacturing Has the Wow Factor Now? Just Wait
Backtalk by Lou Kren
Cooking, and Grinding, with Additive
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Aluminum Guitar—A Study in Design and Post-Processing
Insights in Metal Printing by Terry Wohlers and Olaf Diegel
This unique project underscores the importance of designing to make post-processing as efficient as possible.



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