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Spring 2016 Issue

Volume 1, Number 1

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Cover Article

Aerospace Metal 3D Printing: Materials, Machines and Methods
by Holly B. Martin
Metal 3D printing has become a game changer for aerospace OEMs, by drastically reducing the time and cost to develop prototypes and tooling, and powering through the development cycle. The thrust to print metal parts has spread quickly throughout the sector.



Future is Sky High for AM in Aerospace
by Louis A. Kren
That's the message 3D Metal Printing heard at the 3rd Additive/Aerospace Summit. Institutional and commercial buy-in has propelled additive manufacturing in the aerospace sector, but more work, such as the need for standardization and proper quality testing, is needed.
Designing for Additive Manufacturing:
Considerations for the Full Value Stream--Part One
by Caitlin Oswald
This two-part series condenses some of the limitless design possibilities inherent in additive manufacturing and captures advancing design strategies. Part One explores the design cycle and how pieces of that cycle interact and correlate, as well as designing for material properties and post-processing. Part Two, in the next issue of 3D Metal Printing, reviews producibility rules and guidelines, as well as topology optimization and other design-for-function opportunities.
Inside 3D Printing Lands in the Big Apple



Industry Standards--A Train of Thought
Backtalk by Louis A. Kren
3D Metal Printing Catalyzing the Next Industrial Revolution
Editorial by Brad Kuvin
Pushing the Design Boundaries with Metal AM
Insights in Metal Printing by Terry Wohlers and Ian Campbell



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