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Fall 2016 Issue

Volume 1, Number 3

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Cover Article

Mass Customization Comes to Dentistry
by Brad Kuvin
...thanks to digitization and quick-changeover 3D metal-printing machines. This industry-leading digital outsourcing center employs 16 metal-printing machines worldwide (12 at its manufacturing facility in Southern California) to keep up with growing demand for printed dental-restoration devices.



There's a Dearth of Operators Trained in 3D Metal Printing
by Brad Kuvin
...but not for long, thanks in part to the efforts of the recently opened training facility on the campus of the University of Louisville. There, students learn the process from soup to nuts, including design, setup, build and post-processing.
A Unique Take on 3D Metal Printing: Custom Materials Engineering
by Brad Kuvin
Ultrasonically bonding thin layers of metal foil allows users to essentially create new metal alloys with unique combinations of mechanical properties. Imagine a “superalloy” with an optimum combination of coefficient of thermal expansion, ballistic response, strength and weight.
3D Metal Printing of Automotive Stamping Dies
by Piyush Bubna and Michael P. Humbert
Studying wire-arc additive manufacturing of draw dies for three automotive parts reveals how additive manufacturing may play a role in the metalforming arena.
Selling Replacement Parts in an AM World: What the Music Industry Can Teach Manufacturers
by Mark Avsec
Hint: Think licensing.
The Right Prescription for Medical
by Louis A. Kren
GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services thinks it has found just that, with its 10 3D metal printers and years of expertise positioning it well to serve that industry as well as aerospace and others.



Working Toward a Prescription for AM in Medical
Backtalk by Louis A. Kren
The Problem-Solving Power of Additive Manufacturing
Editorial by Brad Kuvin



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