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A chemical product or heating device used to remove binding material from a 3D printed object.


When the layers of a 3D printed part separate from one another.

Desktop printers

A subset of 3D printing machines that that are small enough to operate on a standard table/desktop.

Direct digital manufacturing (DDM)

A process to produce parts directly from a CAD file, to avoid the investment in tooling, shorten the time lag between design and production, efficiently allow for product redesign and enable economical production of smaller lot sizes.

Direct metal laser melting (DMLM)

Also called direct laser melting (DLM), this powder bed fusion process employs a laser beam to melt the top layer of metal powder spread on the build plate. Once the liquid material solidifies, a layer of powder is spread on top, and the process repeats.

Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)

Using a laser to selectively heat and fuse a vat of metal powder, in order to build up a 3D object in layers.

Directed energy deposition

Similar to DMLS except metal powder is deposited from a print head before fusing it together with a laser. This allows the repair of objects as well as their manufacture.

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