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Beam diameter

The diameter of the laser or electron beam used during 3D printing. Beam diameter affects the amount of material that melts and solidifies during each build layer.

Binder jetting

The extrusion of a binding agent from a nozzle to bind powder particles together. It begins by spreading a thin layer of powder, followed by print heads that deposit droplets of binder into the powder bed. The process repeats.


Used in the binder jetting AM process, the binder material chemically bonds the printed particles together.

Brown part

During the sintering process, a brown part results from the heating/treating of a green part in order to remove the binder that previously held the powder together. Brown part are further heated to complete the sintering process.

Build chamber

The enclosure of the 3D printing machine where the build takes place.

Build envelope

The volume measurement indicating the maximum build-size capability of the 3D printing machine. Calculated as the product of the maximum x-, y- and z-axis dimensions.

Build parameters

The set of 3D printing machine process parameters used during a build, including build chamber atmosphere, and laser- or electron-beam diameter, power and motion path.

Build plate

Placed inside the build chamber of the 3D printing machine, the build place is the surface on which parts are actually built.

Build resolution

During the 3D printing process, layer height (z axis) represents build resolution. Build resolution is often mentioned in the same discussion as minimum feature size, which is governed by resolution in the x and y directions.

Build time

The time required for a 3D printing machine to complete a build.

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