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seating and the New Member Welcome that kicks off the confer- ence, newbies quickly assimilate. And, beginning this year, AMUG offers gatherings throughout the conference that answer first timers’ questions and connect them with long-time AM users and AMUG veterans.
Learning Opportunities Galore
Presentations; the AMUGexpo, with about 140 exhibitors and sponsors expected this year; and sponsor sessions and workshops form the educational meat of this conference. From material and machine qualification to post-processing, knowledgeable speakers run the gamut, with presentations covering all aspects of AM technologies and processes. Attendees can hear about developments and real-world results in biomedical, aerospace, automotive and many other applications.
On the first full day of the conference, Monday, March 23, morning presentations cover industry, technology and conference highlights in depth. AMUG designed these presentations to help guide attendees on what they should investigate at the conference and after. Overall, the 2020 AMUG Conference provides more than 160 speaker, panel and training sessions. Track sessions include Aerospace/Transportation/ Defense/Military; AM Metal Technologies; AM Technologies Non-Metal; Casting; Education and Training; Materials; Medical and Dental; Scanning & Metrol- ogy; and Software.
Sponsor sessions, running concurrently with conference pre- sentations to provide options for attendees, and the AMUGexpo enable attendees to witness technologies up close, from software to materials to machines, and ask questions while learning valu- able tips and tricks. Panel discussions—more in 2020 by popular request—and workshops immerse attendees in specific tech- nologies and trends that shape the expanding AM universe.
See training, presentation, roundtable and workshop schedules at, and visit for a list of 2020 AMUGexpo exhibitors.
Honors, Competitions and Nominations
Hans Langer, founder of EOS, receives AMUG’s Innovators Award at this year’s conference, and via a ‘fireside chat’ will provide insight into his background, successes, trials and tribu- lations, and thoughts on where AM is heading. He joins five pre- vious honorees: Chuck Hull, co-founder of 3D Systems; Carl Deckard, creator of Selective Laser Sintering; Scott Crump, co- founder of Stratasys; Fried Vancraen, founder of Materialise; and Gideon Levy, developer of materials and technologies.
On Tuesday, March 24, at the offsite Awards Banquet, AMUG reveals winners of its DINO (Distinguished INnovator Operator) Awards, which recognize contributors to AM who have advanced the industry as a whole or unselfishly advanced the skills and knowledge of individuals. AMUG is accepting nominations for the
Preview: 2020 AMUG Conference 3D
         AM Showcase
CGTech’s Vericut 9.0 Includes New and Advanced Features for Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing
    At AeroDef and RAPID +TCT, CGTech will demonstrate new and enhanced features for additive and hybrid manufacturing in Vericut version 9.0, the latest release of Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification, and optimization software.
Vericut’s additive module simulates additive subtractive, and hybridized NC machining operations for any brand CNC machine. Vericut simulates the same G-code programs that run on NC ma- chines, and uses digital twin machines to show exactly how the machine will behave. Vericut helps to eliminate machine down- time by verifying additive build strategies work, and to avoid unex- pected machine motions, expensive crashes or incorrectly used additive functions. Vericut operates independently, but also inte- grates with all leading CAM systems to provide the most compre- hensive simulation available.
Vericut Additive + Force optimization enables additive NC sim- ulation, verification and also optimizes machining on hybrid ma- chines. Vericut G-code verification verifies the entire manufacturing process end-to-end (not just a single machining operation). Arrange additive and machining operations in any order, or across different CNC-machines- verifying all setups and holding fixtures will work, and ensuring the finished part matches
the engineered design. Learn how VERICUT provides the most comprehensive verification available, and superior optimization for faster, better parts.
9000 Research Dr. Irvine, CA 92618 949/753-1050

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