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  Our leading edge vacuum technology provides precise control and repeatability for consistently superior parts.
         Vacuum Heat Treating Services
    Solution Treat and Age (STA) • Annealing • Stress Relieving • Harden and Temper • Sintering • Homogenizing
   The ultimate goal of Additive Manufacturing is to produce near-net components and thereby eliminating machining waste. Vacuum heat treating is well situated to be a lasting partner with 3D metal printing technologies for many years. Our vacuum furnaces can produce the critical temperature uniformity (+2°F) when needed and the vital heating and cooling data by thermocoupling parts directly. Additionally, the vacuum heat treating process has the ability to attain vacuum levels of 1 X 10-6 Torr which is necessary to produce the clean oxide free results.
Materials Processed
• Titanium
• PH Stainless Steels
• Stainless Steels
• Nickel-based Alloys
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RPM Innovations, Inc. hollow ribbon titanium additive manufactured part vacuum heat treated at
Solar Atmospheres (post heat treating)
     Eastern PA California Western PA South Carolina
VACUUM PROCESSING Heat Treating • Brazing • Carburizing • Nitriding

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