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  3D Software Innovations Gain Momentum
  optimize the DED printing process, which lends itself to the manufacturing of large metal parts.
“DED offers a lot
of innovation poten-
tial for hybrid man-
ufacturing that com-
bines conventional
manufacturing technologies with additive manufacturing,” explains Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, CEO and managing director at Simufact Engineering.
Generative Design,
Reverse Engineering and Optimization
An end-to-end solution platform, CogniCAD 3.0 from Para- Matters features expanded generative design for mechanical and thermal applications, reverse engineering tools and algo- rithmically optimized part orientation for AM.
Starting with one-click computer-generated design, or auto- mated reverse engineering, users also can ask the platform to discover the most optimal print orientations for their geometries and algorithmically generated support structures by simulating the metal AM manufacturing process.
Key features:
• Mechanical topology optimization—enhanced design capa- bilities that consider statics and vibrations, and include features that are more robust compared to the previous version.
• Heat conduction topology optimization—for the design of passive cooling devices, such as sink structures for electronics, automotive, aerospace and other applications. This capability makes possible future multi-physics generative design.
• Reverse engineering—includes mesh healing and conversion to solid CAD models.
• Design of support structures and optimization of print ori- entation—proprietary machine learning-based approach to fully automate design support structures and find optimal 3D build orientation.
In-Process Quality Assurance for Laser-Bed Printing
PrintRite3D by Sigma Labs, the company’s proprietary in- process quality-assurance technology for laser-bed printing, is designed to lower AM production costs through real-time mon- itoring, analysis, feedback and control. Provided as a third-party retrofit package installed on any laser-bed printing machine with capability for machine OEMs to incorporate into their equipment, its nondestructive-analysis technology uses photo- diodes to characterize laser light (in the infrared- and visible- light spectrums) and determine thermal signatures of the melt pool, according to Darren Beckett, Sigma Labs’ chief technology
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